We serve Catholic organizations who prefer not to use their financial resources to pay for and operate their own solar installation and efficiency improvements. Instead, they pay for solar electricity monthly just as they currently do for their utility-provided electricity. Catholic Energies not only provides the turnkey project management from design to installation, but we also find 100% of the investment capital to pay for the total cost of the project.


Catholic Climate Covenant developed the Catholic Energies program to be a trusted project development and management service to deliver three key resources that most Catholic organizations lack - time, expertise, and money. We deliver all three for your building assets without you taking on debt, ownership risk or additional burdens.

buildings, Climate, and Costs

Approximately 70% of church building ownership costs are in operations and capital expenditures. 

  • Your own generation and consumption of solar energy, without paying the capital costs, offer you more predictable reductions in operating costs.

The burning of fossil fuels for electricity and heat is the largest source of global greenhouse emissions.  

  • Reducing your dependency and use of energy generated from fossil fuels offer you a measurable and continuous impact on your environmental mission.

Our Method

If you have ever tried to execute an energy project for any of your buildings, you know how challenging it can be. You have to find the time. You need to build stakeholder consensus: the Parish Council, Finance committee, Provincial or Superior, Pastor, Treasurer, Bishop, and any other number of interested parties. You need a degree of project knowledge and expertise to vet trustworthy partners, identify and determine reliable technologies, and understand if you’re receiving a fair price. You need to find trusted advisors with unbiased analysis and who understand the Catholic community. Most importantly, you need to find project funding. Catholic Energies was created to remove these challenges.


Catholic Energies provides access to capital.

Demonstrating both Care for God’s Creation and fiscal responsibility doesn’t have to cost you money. Catholic Energies has developed a growing national network of investors who will fund 100% of the capital in exchange for the variety of market incentives for owning and operating such projects. This capital enables your Catholic organization to benefit from your solar efficiency projects while preserving your money for important mission-aligned priorities.

Catholic Energies provides the entire turnkey project management service for you.

We seek two simultaneous objectives: Provide you access to a 100% funded project by recruiting investors who receive an acceptable return on their money and simultaneously reduce your building operating costs each month. At no cost to you.