Catholic organizations seek our assistance to act and deliver on their moral and fiscal obligations. They face similar situations and problems and consider solving them a high priority – can they further demonstrate their commitment to the Common Home while also reducing the financial burden and risks of high energy costs across their buildings?

And can they achieve both without requiring much of their own financial resources?

Utilizing solar generation and energy efficiency solutions can deliver these outcomes. But understanding “if” and “how” is complicated. We collaborate with each client to figure that out first. If achieving those results is feasible and they want to purse installing the solutions, we then focus on delivering those results.

(each “dot” represents a circle)

  • Understand your issues and objectives

  • Diagnose your energy requirements and costs

  • Educate you on what your local utility policies allow

  • Design and recommend specific solar and energy efficiency solutions

  • Model the probable impacts of these solutions and costs

  • Collaborate in determining the feasibility of achieving your objectives

  • Evaluate and recommend the most qualified local contractors to supply and install these solutions

  • Secure the financial resources you prefer for your project

  • Provide all necessary contracts for the terms and conditions you prefer

  • Deliver the project installation and results seek together